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How To Boost FPS In Fortnite Season 7 (Fortnite FPS Fix)

  • Hey guys in this video im going to be showing you how you can increase your fps and frames in Fortnite. This is important because a higher fps can make the game much smoother and offer a competitive advantage.
    Generally the best way to achieve higher frames is to buy a better performing and more powerful pc but this can get expensive and isn't an option for everyone so hopefully this video helps everyone achieve better frames in Fortnite.
    Im making this video because people have been compalinign saying there frames have dropped massively in season 7 some think it may be due to all the new updates like the snow. One person said he got 120 frames pre updates and 40 post update this is a dramtic decrease. So I thought isd make a viodeo helpoing you guys out.
    Also Im Going to go back to the point of why it offers a competitive advantage
    I found this video online and it shows the difference between 3 variations of frames, as you can see the lowest is slightly slower which is critical in first person shooters such as fortnite because if you are seeing an enemy before they see you, you straight away have an advantage on them. This difference may be small but every advantage helps. As you can see the lowest also stutters and looks laggy, this is what some people actually experience in game sometimes they may think they have bad ping but they may have a big drop in fps causing their game to feel delayed and laggy.
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    How To Boost FPS In Fortnite Season 7 (BEST TIPS)
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