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One Finger Death Punch 3D

  • DOWNLOAD: cross.mobirix.net/Redirect/MobiRedirect.htm?aos=com.mobirix.ofdp3d&ios=1204156498nnA wide variety of martial arts from your fingertips!nnOne Finger Death Punch's Authentic Sequel, Re-Innovated in 3D Style!nDo you want to experience the many martial arts that exist in the world?nLet's defeat many villains by manipulating martial arts!nWith your finger, you can become the best martial artist in the world!nn■■■■■ Introduction to the game ■■■■■nn▶ Characteristic [Fighting] ◀nEarn and grow characters of different personality!nOut Fighter, Extreme Airstrikes, Capoeira, Savat, Combat Sambo and more!nn▶ Simple operation and [Combo action] ◀nCombo action full of excitement!nCombine your own combo with flow action, special action, and skill!nn▶ [Arena] to compete to be the best ◀nAchieve a higher rank than anyone with your own strength!nEarn high marks, earn honor and reward!nn▶ [Daily Challenge] to get more rewards as much as your ability ◀nDefeat increasingly powerful enemies per round and earn more rewards!nGet the ingredients you need to grow in dungeons that are activated every day!nnHomepage:nplay.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=4864673505117639552nnFacebook: nwww.facebook.com/mobirixplayennnYouTube :nwww.youtube.com/user/mobirix1

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